Mobile App Development. Inspired have developed a wide range of mobile apps across iOS, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry. Our belief is that mobile apps can play a significant role in a well-considered multichannel strategy, complementing web and mobile sites. Crucially it needs to provide added value for your customers and contribute to your bottom line.

The most successful apps tend to focus on doing a few things brilliantly well, and we apply that ethos to our mobile apps. From tapping into native features such as the camera and gyroscope, to implementing functionality which can’t be achieved through a mobile site (such as barcode scanning) we understand how to create valuable apps which are focussed on adoption by customers.

We have also developed a number of web-apps for mobile – using advanced HTML, JavaScript and CSS techniques to create apps which behave as native mobile apps but will work across multiple devices.


Mobile users are 250% more likely to buy online