Mobile & Multi-Device Development. Users no longer access the web through a single device or platform alone, and expect brands to deliver a consistent and continuous experience across all their online channels, at all times.

The rapid growth in smartphones and tablets, as well as internet-enabled TVs and other devices, has fuelled the explosion in the methods, times and places that customers can go online. At Inspired, we don’t create sites that exist in one digital space alone. We create online experiences that deliver for our clients and the customers, whether it be on a PC, an iPhone, a Google Nexus or anything else.

We are experts at responsive and adaptive design, mobile apps and device-agnostic web apps. We always seek to understand when and how a client’s customers will access the web, and base our multi-device strategies on that knowledge – ensuring we achieve the best end results.

Conversion rate optimisation

64% Average online shopping cart abandonment rate