Traidcraft Annual Review

We created a beautiful interactive version of Traidcraft’s annual review.

The challenge

Traidcraft are a pioneering Fairtrade organisation, and their annual review is a vital communication with their large and diverse membership. They asked Inspired to help them move from a traditional print-based format and create the first digital version of the review, with a focus on engagement and telling their producers’ stories.

The work

We helped Traidcraft push the boundaries and stand out from other Fairtrade organisations with the creation of responsive, engaging new annual review. Our focus was on taking users through a journey as the story unfolds, providing engaging content and imagery along the way. It works as a single scrolling webpage, which changes as the user scrolls through.

The results

By moving the review online, we’ve been able to convey far more information and meaning than was ever possible through a print-based solution. We’ve also been able to access a broader range of Traidcraft’s stakeholders at a lower cost than ever before.

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