Mercedes-Benz Ssshhh!

An award-winning multi-channel event.

The challenge

The largest UK network of Mercedes-Benz dealerships challenged Inspired to devise a multi-channel campaign to drive quarterly sales across all of their dealerships. The brief placed a heavy emphasis on making the individual customer feel valued, and that any offers they received were available specifically to them and not to the general public.

The work

We created ‘Ssshhh!’ – a targeted, and exclusive event, aimed at Mercedes-Benz existing customer base who were in the market to renew their car. The offer was for them to a save up to £10,000 off a new Mercedes-Benz. The concept was based around the idea of secrecy and inclusion in something that was unique and unavailable to the general public.

Prospect customers were contacted via a personalised email inviting them to be part of Ssshhh! and offering them the chance to download an exclusive voucher. They were then taken to a dedicated Ssshhh! landing page, pre-populated with their details, and enabling them to download a personalised, non-transferrable voucher – or have it sent by SMS. The voucher could then be used at exlcusive Ssshhh! event at the dealership.

The results

The first event was extremely successful and incredibly cost effective, driving a large volume of new vehicle sales for an incredibly low cost per acquisition. It was so successful in fact, that the event has since been run multiple times, and continues to be run on a quarterly basis.

Ssshhh! went on to be the proud recipient of Mercedes-Benz 2012 Innovative Event of the year award.