Inspired and Stroke Association..
Our Nominated Charity for 2015/16


For Inspired’s next charity partnership, we are delighted to announce that we’ll be supporting Stroke Association, one of the UK’s leading providers of research funding and support for those affected by stroke. As our nominated charity for 2015/16, Inspired will be fundraising throughout the year with various events, activities and everyday donations. Last year, we raised £1915.68 for Alzheimer’s Society (UK).

Approximately 152,000 strokes occur in the UK every year, one for every three and a half minutes. Research and care for stroke survivors are notoriously underfunded compared to other conditions such as heart disease, and even a lot of basic information on the brain disease is not commonly known to the public. For example, despite the image of strokes occurring exclusively in older people, as much as 31% of strokes occur in under 65’s, including teenagers and children.

As well as raising invaluable funds for research into preventing and treating strokes (more than £40 million has been provided since 1991), Stroke Association provides and distributes medical information that would be dangerously scarce without them. This ranges from simple facts such as how everyone can reduce their likelihood of stroke to the life-saving F.A.S.T. test which educates the public on identifying stroke and getting essential medical attention as fast as possible.

The important work of Stroke Association has been praised by many, such as Dr David Werring of the Institute of Neurology at University College London: “the Stroke Association – as our only dedicated stroke charity – is absolutely vital to the success of stroke research in the UK”.

Inspired are extremely proud to be supporting such an important charity that is invaluable to an underrepresented cause. Watch this space over the next year to hear about what we’ll be doing to raise money for Stroke Association.

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