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Inspired Appointed Sole Digital Agency for Courtaulds


Starting an exciting new business relationship, Inspired is now the sole digital partner of Courtaulds, managing all digital platforms including: Gossard UK, USA and France, Pretty Polly UK and USA, Aristoc and Berlei. Inspired have kept Courtaulds at the forefront of changes in the digital space, meeting the challenge set by this large range of platforms from such a prestigious British company. Matching Google step for step after their recent move to favour sites optimised for mobile devices, Inspired has just launched mobile sites for four of Courtaulds’ e-commerce platforms. This both attracts more users through higher visibility and search ranking results, as well as providing those users with an excellent mobile web experience that results in higher rates of conversion.

The history of Courtaulds stretches all the way back to 1794 when the company was founded in Essex. Across the decades the company and its brands have produced thoroughly modern designs of ladies’ underwear and hosiery evoking sophisticated glamour and style. Their adverts from iconic fashion periods like the 1920s and 1960s are examples of classic fashion, showing the company’s knack to both stay true to a classic heritage while remaining modern year after year, setting new trends. Inspired was thrilled to be working with a company so clearly passionate about always striving to be original, innovative and daring.

Courtaulds’s online commercial director shared our enthusiasm: ‘Digital is simply essential to our business today. Never content to do things by halves, we wanted a digital partner who was happy to move at our pace and keep improving the service we give our customers. Inspired shone out as a progressive agency that could take our prestigious brands forward in the digital marketplace. They’ve far exceeded all our expectations.’

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